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Present Automobiles for Children in Heiwaen From American boys

A toy automobile and a tricycle for children in Heiwaen [Peace] Orphanage, Beppu, were presented by boys of a U. S. Army soldier, who are soon to go home.

The presenters are William Blum, age 8 and Jimmy Blum, age 3, sons of Sgt. William Blum, Co. K. Camp Chickamauga, Beppu.

Sgt. Blum's family are to leave Beppu for the States on the 24th and his children went to Heiwaen two or three times to play with children there. The boys discussed presenting their toys to their friends in Heiwaen. Then, they talked to their father about it and presented them through their father.

These unexpected presents as parting gifts made children in Heiwaen very happy and all the children, although unaccustomed to such toys, are enjoying driving them in the garden.

[Photo caption] Picture shows an automobile and a tricycle presented to the children in Heiwaen by American boys.


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