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Worster Morgan sent home this news clipping about the 2nd Army Maneuvers, which were held in the area of Tullahoma and Gallatin, Tennessee.
   While many, if not most, details of the war game were classified, the local media covered the activity as best as possible.
  "Somewhere In Tennessee", the article began in an attempt to demonstrate compliance with the need for secrecy that had been  imposed upon their reporting  " ... in Gallatin ...".  Well, so much for secrecy.
   Whether the reporters had been briefed otherwise or whether they added the dramatic note of pathfinder activity having taken place the night before, Worster cleared the misconception with a handwritten addendum.

   "I lead the Group of S-2 [Intelligence team] into the barn on the drop zone.  We were not dropped in but walked from Lebanon [Tennessee].  Our duty was to lay out the drop zone and send light signals up to the aircraft".

1st Sgt Kenneth N. Schroeder, HQ 2nd supervising the men of HQ 2nd as they set up their bivouac area somewhere in Tennessee, September 1943.
(Courtesy Irv Shanley)

Welcoming Sign?

Someone left their machine gun out front of the tent along with their other gear, probably in readiness for an inspection..
Tom Porcella recalled that he shared a tent in Tennessee with a Sgt. Williams and that Williams had received a pen and pencil set from his girlfriend.  Williams was KIA in France by an exploding shell and the only remaining trace was the pen and pencil.
(Courtesy Tom Porcella)

A Little Levity
goes a long way to sooth frazzled nerves as evidenced by this cartoon from the 10 November 1943 issue of the Devils Digest

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