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Modern Era Photos of Men of The 508th

Sal Valenti
Undated photo taken in Nova Scotia

Margot van Baldrick. Many troopers will remember her as she was a school teacher in Beek in Holland during WWII. She taught English to young Dutch girls.
  She has been a great supporter of the 508PIR since that day in 1944 when Beek was liberated by the men of the 508. She once [said] how terrified she was as her girls went delirious at the sight of these fit and healthy young men who came like stars from heaven.  Margot is now over 100 years old and lives in an old peoples home in Beek. This picture was taken in 1996 when she was just a sprightly 89.  
(Photo and caption courtesy Tony Rogers, May 2007)

Lewis Van Leuven
in 1957.
   Lewis (Co E) lost both legs above the knee due to a grenade explosion, 8 June 1944.  He retained a wonderful sense of humor and had a great camaraderie with his friends.  Despite his handicap, Lewis went hunting regularly using sites prepared for him by his friends.

Gerrit Van Vels
in interview by Anastasia Barnett (date unknown).
   Gerrit (H Co) was seriously wounded in Normandy on July 4, 1944

Homer Venishnick
a member of of Hq 2nd in WW-II, now is one of 52 volunteer naturalists in Renton, Washington's Cedar River Salmon Journey program, telling hundreds of people about the legendary fish

Willie B. Via
(Co D, 1945)

Keoni K. Vidinha
Panama era?

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