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July 2021

"What's New" is a listing of changes and additions posted to this site over the recent past with links that will take you directly to each item.
Please note that subsequent update activity may have caused indicated locations to shift slightly.
Jul 31 2021 Added news article re James Berner Odyssey
Jul 30 2021 Added news article re liberation of  Robert W. Moore Odyssey
Jul 29 2021 Repaired broken linkage to Final Jump page for Arthur Montfort  (click on flue link in surname to view) Final Jumps - M
Jul 28 2021 Added photo of  Edward Arthur As We Are - A
Jul 28 2021 Added Final Jump, news articles, obituary and grave marker photos for Edward Arthur (click on flue link in surname to view) Final Jumps - A
Jul 25-27 21 Busy getting life back in order, much  to ne done catching up on email and bills, etc. N/A
Jul 24 2021 Jumpmaster discharged from rehabilitation center and returned home N/A
Jul 21 2021 Jumpmaster transferred to rehabilitation center N/A
Jul 01 2021 Jumpmaster remains hospitalized following fall on June 6th N/A

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