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Combat Scenes

(Young German casualty lies beside his rifle.  His mess kit and canteen are behind him.) "
Various researchers have commented, "I can see a mess tin, a water bottle and a spare barrel case for an MG42  (the long rectangular thing on his back). " and " Looks like he also has a bread bag, or map case. Strap on shoulder? Are those round eyeglasses in forefront? Net [on helmet] reminds you of the American style net, except looks more like hemp."


(German casualty lies under brush in a ditch)
"his 'double buckle boots' are ankle boots with canvas gaiters. The rifle may a G41 self loading rifle, probably the Mauser version" (Comments from researcher Kim Fields)

(Possibly same casualty as that on left. This man's supplies have been gone through by someone)

(German Medic KIA.  Note that someone raided his medical kit)

(U.S. HORSA glider showing landing impact damage)