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A Flea Market Treasure - The Barger Album

   Initially it was only known that the photographs featured here were once the property of a Warrant Officer Barger (first name unknown and shown at left).
   Recent research efforts have proven that the owner's full name was Roy S. Barger of Eaton, OH who died in February 2004..  How his album drifted from his family into hands of strangers is unknown but, in a way, his treasured pictures are back in the hands of family again, the brotherhood of the 508th.
   Mr. Kim Fields, of Ohio, noticed this photo album at the monthly flea market and antique show in the Clark County Fairgrounds, Springfield, Ohio.  Flipping through its pages he quickly realized that these were photos of special significance to someone.  The album pages contained many shots of World War II era men, paratroopers, men of the 508th. 
   He immediately purchased the album and set out to find a way to make the photos available to those who would most benefit from them.  In the course of the next two weeks, Mr. Fields found this web site and generously made the album available to us. 
   Only a few of these photos were captioned on the original album pages.  When names were provided they were typically just the surname of the individuals.  A few names have been matched against our personnel database but most remain incomplete or anonymous. 
   It is hoped that some of these men will be known to our viewers and that their names will be provided so that those individuals will have the recognition they deserve. 

(NOTE:  Photo captions enclosed in quotes are as they appeared in the original album.  Those in parentheses are editorial comments.)