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Multiple Draft Registrations Used To Sweep The Nation

Tuesday, February 16, 1942

  1. First Registration: 16 October 1940  - All men 21 to 36 years of age.
  2. Second Registration: 1 July 1941 All men who turned 21 since 16 October 1940.
  3. Third Registration: 14-16 February 1942  All men who were 20 before 31 December 1941 and not older than 45 by 16 February 1942.
  4. Fourth Registration: 25-27 April 1942 All men who turned 45 on or before 16 February 1942 and not older than 65 on or before 27 April 1942.
  5. Fifth Registration: 30 June 1942  All men born after 1 January 1922 and before 30 June 1924.
  6. Sixth Registration: December 1942 All men who turned 18 by 31 December 1942.
Edward Mathew Rusch had been a key worker on his father's farm but the third round of draft registrations swept him into the pool.  He dutifully reported to the Selective Service Center to enroll for the draft on the third of the three days mandated by the latest proclamation (see left) At 5 Ft. 10 in. tall, Edward was of slightly greater than average in height and easily carried the 150 lbs. that he weighed in that day.  As a farm lad, he probably had a good physique even before he entered the service.
March 31, 1942

May 3, 1943

May 10, 1943

May 21 - 22, 1943

1938 Ford Deluxe Tudor was registered by Edward on March 31st, just 6 weeks after enrolling for the draft.  Time to meet some girls and have some fun! Letter of Reference from attorney John A. McEachron probably was solicited based on references given to the Selective Service Board Order To Report For Induction left the door of uncertainty open as Edward was drafted for the "Land or Naval Forces".  He was to report at the Green Bay, Wisconsin Courthouse on May 21 at 3:30 pm.  Edward was one of 3,323,970 men who were drafted that year

Preliminary Information was provided at the courthouse but induction processing would take place elsewhere.
   A notation at the foot of the induction notice stated "The bus leaves for Milwaukee at 6:30 am, May 22, 1954 from the Legion Bldg." so Edward may have spent one last night at home.

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