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An 8-mm Treasure - The Nation Films

     Captain William H. Nation was an ardent photographer using his 8-mm movie camera in a wide variety of situations.  Not only did he capture special moments as the 508th was in training, he managed to continue to do so in France, Holland and Belgium.  Those scenes coupled with candid shots of many of the 508th's best known personalities as well as unidentified troopers make this contribution priceless.

     Unfortunately, Captain Nation was killed on January 31, 1945 when a German .88 shell hit the building he was in.  His films made it home, however, and his namesake nephew, Bill Nation, has supplied us with many still frame shots extracted from that unique film library.

     In addition to the images that appear on following pages, the Nation family have also made some of Captain Nation's personal correspondence available to us.  His insights and experiences are fascinating and can be viewed via Acrobat using the labeled buttons in the headline of this page..