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The postcards (and one letter) below were all sent to Betty Thompson from her brother, Pfc Gust Thompson. 

Pfc Gust Thompson entered his rank and name as well as his prisoner number of 50755 on each card under "Gelangenennummer" [enter a number] and the command number ["Kommando-Nr" ] of 601-B as part of his return address.  Stalag VII-B [M.Stammlager] was preprinted under "Lager-Bezeichnung" [designation].

Sept 9. 1944
Hi Betty I'm sorry but it wasn't my fault.  I hope you people at home forgive me. I wish you'd write to [me?] as often as you can to sort of square things up.  Right now they're my chief worry.  The Jerries treat me as good as can be expected.  Love Gust
NOTE: this piece of correspondence appears to be similar in format to a V-mail, i.e., a folded letter.

The images at left are the delivery address for betty and the return address for Gust

Dec 3, 1944
Dear Betty  Well it's getting close to Xmas and I beat a buddie [sic] out of this blank [form] so I can wish you a merry Christmas.  To [sic] bad I can't send you any presents.  Its getting kinda rough we can't get any news and I haven't heard from Mom or Dad since May 13.  In other words I'm starting to get kinda blue.  I really pray everything is all right at home. Xmas night do me a favor and hang one on for me, will you? Take car of yourself Betty. Gust
Dec 24, 1944
Dear Betty Xmas eve is really nice here. Everybody with long faces and nice barbed wire to look out of. It's a special occasion so I got myself and my buddie [sic] a loaf of white bread between us. I just had a piece & it tastes like cake Gust

Jan 28, 1945
Dear Betty, Well I'm still kicking, I guess I'm just too ornery to die or St. Peter don't want me around.  I still have that picture of you and miss Henry in your bathing suits.  As yet I haven't received any letters but I'm still hoping.  Take care.  Love Gus

Feb 16, 1945
Dear Betty, my post is limited so you'll have to forgive me for not writing.  I am as well as can be expected.  I haven't received any letters from anybody as yet.  Some of the guys got as high as 18 letters already.  Give me news of home.  Love Gust
Feb 25, 1945
Dear Betty, This day was the happiest I've had since I have been a P.O.W.  I got two letters from you  Thanks a lot.  Some how it just isn't enough to just thank you.  One was postmarked Dec 10 and the other the 20th of Dec .  Give my regards to my sister-in-law.  Love Gust

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