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SITREP 508/1 - 04 JULY 2020

1) Operational Summary: 1 Fury’s priorities over the past two weeks remain preventing the spread of the COVID 19 virus through active preventative measures and leader engagement. The Battalion completed EIB/ESB Group B testing with 2 candidates earning the EIB and 1 their ESB. This raised 1Fury’s cumulative EIB/ESB badge-earning population to 43. Additionally, the Battalion completed FURY SKIRMISH, a mission command mass tactical airborne operation on Normandy DZ in preparation for Exercise Panther Storm. The Battalion also completed block leave planning last week with the emphasis on rear-D stand-up and close out taskings prioritized this week and the next. For COVID mitigation due to block leave travel, the Battalion will conduct 100% COVID screening of the formation prior to block leave and immediately upon return. Finally, the Battalion continues planning and preparation for P-STORM and FURY FIGHT ONE – the Battalion’s first collective training events following block leave.

2) Personnel: a) Paratrooper of the Week: PFC Aiden Evans, originally from Fort Collins, Colorado, currently serves as a Grenadier in 3rd Platoon, Baker Company. Since joining the Platoon in November of 2019, PFC Evans has built a reputation which can best be described as trustworthy and dedicated. PFC Evans is a hardworking, motivated, and committed Paratrooper who consistently stayed at the EIB site after mandatory training to rehearse tasks. PFC Evans’ dedication to training paid off – he was the only private in his Company to earn his EIB and one of only fourteen True Blue EIB recipients in the battalion. PFC Evans’ dedication to improving himself technically and tactically reflects positively on his commitment to 3rd Platoon, Baker Company, and 1st BN, 508th PIR.

 3) Modernization: 1Fury is fielding the new SBS systems and completing user training for those systems. This will significantly increase each company’s ability to use aerial reconnaissance.

4) Upcoming Significant Events: a) Block Leave preparation [13 JUL – 17 JUL 20] b) Block Leave [17 JUL – 02 AUG 20]


James R. Bradshaw

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