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SITREP 508/1 - 27 JUNE 2020

  We have finished EIB and ESB (Expert Soldiers Badge), candidates conducted testing on the same lanes with only requirement that differed between the two being ESB candidates were administered an APFT requiring a score of 80% in each event while the EIB candidates were required to complete 49 push-ups, 59 sit-ups, and a four mile run in under 32 minutes.
   The Battalion came away with the most Paratroopers earning the coveted badge with 40 EIBs and 3 ESBs for an average of 15% on EIB and 12% on ESB, well above the Army average of 7-10% for EIB.
   In addition the Division believes that our Forward Support Company 1SG, 1SG Jose Velez, is the first 1SG in the Army to earn an ESB.
   Last week 1 Fury conducted a mission command exercise in conjunction with an Airborne Operation onto Sicily drop zone. This began with an LPD focused on conducting an Airfield Seizure, followed by a BN level Rock Drill, BN Key Leader Rehearsal, and conduct of the actual operation.
   During the operation the Fury Paratroopers were able to jump, establish communications, rapidly move to clear the simulated main runway, and establish blocking positions in under 90 minutes with only a BN (-).
   The Paratroopers remained tactical and enemy focused, performing exceptionally in the first tactical airborne operation following the completion of the nine month Afghanistan deployment.
   Next week the Battalion will begin preparation for a well-deserved Block Leave period from 17 July-2 August to provide Paratroopers time to rest and refit with family members before returning to participate in "Panther Storm" and enter an intensive training cycle consisting of a heavy focus on mastering marksmanship for all organic weapon systems within the Fury arsenal, honing our Infantry tactics at the Squad/Platoon level, and ending with Team LFX and Squad STX.


James R. Bradshaw
CSM, USA 1-508 PIR,
3 IBCT, 82nd ABN DIV

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