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SITREP 508/1 -  22 DEC- 24 Dec  2020

1.  Commanderís Comments:

1-508TH PIR remains focused on maintaining IRB-1 readiness. Secondary priorities include JRTC 21-04 rail head support, planning for the tactical road march to JBC in support of the DRE, and COVID mitigation. Over the past two weeks, 1FURY completed half day schedules while preparing for JRTC outload. The Battalion also conducted a deliberate transition of our readiness company from A/1-508TH PIR to B/1-508TH PIR. This week, companies conducted zero and qualification tables for small arm systems. Additionally, in line with Divisionís All American Week, 1Fury planned several events to focus on building unit cohesion. These events include a Newcomerís Welcome Brief and Ruck March, Best Squad Leader Competition, Battalion LPD, Battalion Hail and Fairwell (hosted in a non-social setting), and a Hero WOD. The winner of the Best Squad Leader Competition will receive their award from CSM(R) Rock Merritt. Over the next two weeks, the Battalion will run rail head operations on behalf of 3BCT for JRTC outload. C/1-508TH will support P9/1F9ís BCT-level SBF LFX LPD on Tuesday, 12 January at 1300 at Range 63.

The Battalion continues to support COVID vaccinations. Tier 1 personnel that received their initial vaccinations will visit WAMC Thursday and Friday this week to receive their follow-up shot. Companies re-validated their opt-in and opt-in Paratroopers by name. The available Tier 2 population is postured to receive vaccinations next week when shots become available.  

Finally, the Battalion conducted DRC Vehicle Maintenance in accordance with our two-week company transition cycle to identify and rectify faults.  

Unbeatable LGOPs: POTW

SGT Robles is a Utilities Equipment Repairer (91C) in the Maintenance Platoon, J/1-508TH PIR. SGT Robles played a pivotal role in Jackal Companyís recent Leadersí Time Training in convoy operations. SGT Robles stepped out of his daily responsibilities to be the Assistant Convoy Commander. SGT Robles ensured proper PCC/PCIs were conducted to include communications checks, aid and litter teams identified, and all BII was accounted for. He also ensured the routes were briefed to all convoy personnel and the recovery plan was understood. Additionally, SGT Robles serves as Squad Leader where he has exceled in making sure his new Paratroopers correctly in-process. SGT Robles is a great leader with tremendous abilities to take mission intent and execute at a high level.


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