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   After the 508th had moved out from Sissonne for their role in the battle of The Bulge, they remained on the line for 26 days in the snowy Ardennes forest.  Finally, on the 10th of January, 1945, the cold and weary men were relieved and moved to a rest camp near Chevron, Belgium.
   During those arduous four weeks of combat, the unit lost 900 Officers and men, over 40 of them due to frostbite.  The rest were KIA, WIA or captured.
   The men of the 508th have many memories of Chevron but the one that is typically mentioned first is that they were able to take a hot shower.  The second one is that they were issued new clothing to replace the stinking uniform items that they gladly pitched into a brimming laundry basket.  Some speculate that the clothing was washed and reissued later but many feel that they should have been burned.
   The welcome respite was short-lived, less than two weeks.  By the 21st of January the 508th was back on the line near Diedenberg. 
(all photos shown here courtesy of Walter H. Barrett, Co. B)

Chevron, Belgium
is situated in the upper left quadrant of this map.  The village about 4 km (2.5 miles) east of Werbomont and 25 km (15 miles) NW of Vielsalm (at lower right).

Chevron Habitations
The Jamar family estates are numbered as 6, 21 and 30

Château de Neuville

number 30 on the map at left, is one of two castles in the Chevron area, the other being the Chateau Rouge.  Both were owned by the Jamar family who also possessed a third, large home in the area.
   The 508th were billeted in all three buildings while on R&R.
.  This chateau, due to the many stuffed animal trophies in its halls, was dubbed as "The Hunting Lodge"


Château de Neuville
in a more recent photo, probably taken during a reunion trip.
Both this photo and the one at left are undated and the photographers are not known.
Above illustrations were an insert in the book "Chevron: A Belgian Village", an annotated English version of the diary of Mr. Walthere Jamar

Lt., George L. Gurwell, Hq Hq, apparently had the task of answering the survey questions passed down to him.

    He retained this somewhat tattered letter in his personal files but unfortunately didn't include a copy of the completed survey as well.

[courtesy of the George Gurwell estate]

Apparently timed to reach the 508th, and probably other units as well,  while in the rest camp, the Chemical Officer of the 82nd Airborne Division sent an interesting survey letter.

SUBJECT: Use of Colored Smoke Grenades

TO;  Commanding Officer

1.  Listed below are questions concerning operational use of colored smoke grenades.

2.  Complete, forwarding information to this office as soon as possible.

     A.  Who uses colored smoke grenades?

     B.  What are they used for?

.     C.,  Number used over a given period?

     D.  Suggestions in regard to color?

     E.  What are the most desirable colors?

    F.  Suggestions as to any burning time desired?

Lt. Col., CWS
Chemical Officer

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