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Click to View Color Film of Berlin, July 1945

Berlin Rubble
taken by George Ritchotte in 1945

(courtesy of Liz Farrell)

Somewhere In Germany
Andrew R. Golcher, William L. Blithe, Richard A.  Natoli

Brandenburg Gate
note Field Ambulance on left

(courtesy of Liz Farrell)

What is believed to be a German Focke-Wulf FW-190 apparently crash-landed with raised landing gear.
(courtesy of Liz Farrell)

I Company In Review
General Eisenhower and other dignitaries review the troops in 1945.  Major Alton Bell is seen to the left of Ike.

"Jim, Dusty and Don"
Jim Allen (Hq 1st) and 2 buddies whose names are uncertain although Dusty's surname may be Malone..  Even the location is unknown but Jim is flashing the "V" for Victory sign and Don is holding what appears to be a white stein so we are assuming the photo was taken in Germany.  Anybody know who Dusty and Don really are?

"Helen Wheels"
George Ritchotte in his Jeep named after his wife, Helen.  Probably taken in Frankfurt
(courtesy of Liz Farrell).

Security Patrol
Lt. Adolph F. Warnecke in front, SSgt Andy Grindo in rear.
(courtesy of George Miles)

Company H Group
[l-4, standing] Ward Hutcheson, James Daugherty, Charles Muffley, Henning Olson, Joseph Cerny
[kneeling] Benito Menchaca, unknown, James Murphy, John Lierenz, unknown, James Kay

Another Company H Group
somewhere in Germany. Words on wall translate to "We Still Have ;;;" but we cannot see the rest of it.   Whatever it was they had, they don't have it anymore.

George Schairer
tries out the driver's seat of a jeep in Germany.
(courtesy Arthur Rottier)

HQ3 Drill Team?
Men of HQ 3rd, including Earl Hickman, pose in what may be drill team helmets.  This would explain why those normally shiny jump boots are grimed with dust



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