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With the war ended, officers and men were given the opportunity to take leave in various sanctioned locations ... such as the Riviera.



This is your town – enjoy it. There is a lot to do and a lot to see.

The United States Army has given you a beautiful spot and the best accommodations. Here are a few simple instructions that may be of assistance to you.

1. Remember that you are officers and gentlemen. The Army expects that of you regardless of at the front or at the Riviera.

2. Respect the property rights of others. If you cause any damage, you will be held responsible for same.

3. Respect the rights of others. Telephones are provided in the rooms. Vocal communications from the ground floor to top floor is discouraged. Sick people go somewhere for a rest, believe it or not!

4. Remember the slick chick with the million dollar wiggle may not be all that she appears --- so the medics tell us and the figures they quote can prove it.

5. Be discreet. This is a hot bed for enemy agents. Don’t get too many under your belt and blow your top, someone is watching for just the information that you can give. Report all [indication?] of this to the agent in charge C.I.C, Dial 93248.

6. Contact the Special and Information Services desk for consulate information and entertainment facilities.

Have a good time. Remember your buddy is coming down. He wants things just as good as you had them. Don’t spoil it for him. Remember (keys?), towels and glasses cannot be replaced.

Your criticism is invited – both good and bad. Please criticize, not “bitch.” The Headquarters USFET – CANNES is located [in] room 112, MIRAMAR HOTEL.

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