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Allentown Men Among Honored By Holland
   First Lieutenant James P. Richardson and Corporal John Leh II were among the 6,000 glidermen and parachutists of the famous 82nd Airborne Division who on Wednesday received Holland's highest unit award, the Military Order of William. The division that paced the invasion of Normandy and the drive that liberated Holland is the second unit in Dutch history and the first foreign unit to be awarded the decoration. It was given in recognition of the division's airborne operation at Nijmegen last year and was awarded by the Netherlands' war minister, Johannes Meynen, in a ceremony at the Tempelhof Airdrome in Berlin. There have been reports, however, that the unit which is scheduled to leave Berlin late this month will be deactivated upon its return to the United States. If this happens, the majority of the men will have to

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   surrender both the orange lanyard of the Dutch award and the red and green Fourragére cordons bestowed upon them last week by the Belgian government.
   Proud of the honors they have received and of the tributes paid them, men of the division believe they have earned a right to a place in America's standing army. General Sir Miles Dempsey. former commander of the British 2nd Army, once called the 82nd "the best division in the world."
   Lieutenant Richardson, who has been overseas since February, 1944, is the son of Dr. and Mrs. James Richardson of 628 N. Berks St. He is executive officer of the 508th Parachute Infantry, a unit recently selected as a guard of honor for General Eisenhower at Frankfurt-am-Main. . With the unit in its landings just ahead of H-Hour on D-Day in Normandy, he was wounded but soon returned to active duty. He participated in the division's campaigns in Holland, Belgium and Germany.
   Corporal Leh, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Edward Leh, 2844 Chew St. joined the division for the invasion through Holland. He has been overseas since May 1944 and has served as a member of the 80th anti-tank battalion, a glider unit.

[The Morning Call, Allentown, PA, 12 Oct 1945, Fri, Other Editions, Pages 5 and 7]

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