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Parachute Eleven
Beats Air Force

   FRANKFURT --- (AP) --- [Guido] Mastroianni of Steubenville was among members of the 508th Parachute Regiment's eleven which defeated a United States Forces European Theater football team, 22 to 14 yesterday at birthday celebration for Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower.
   Mastroianni scored a touchdown for the paratroopers while "Ike", 55 yesterday, looked on.
[Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, Lancaster, OH, Mon, Oct 15, 1945, Page7]

What's Right---
   It happened at an airfield out side of Frankfurt, Germany, when the war had been won, but while the now-President was deeply immersed in the problems of the tenuous peace.
   General Eisenhower was returning to the European Theatre after a long stay in The States and was flying in that afternoon.
   A big parade in his honor was set up by the crack 508th Parachute Infantry and other units. VIP's by the dozen were to be on hand. Security was tight. General McNarney, then commanding in Europe, and a half-hundred less-starred generals were on hand.
   The General arrived and walked down the steps from his C-54, accompanied by his party. He took his place and stood, straight and impressive while the 508th riflemen marched by, their jump boots crashing on the pierced plank steel of the runways. Near the end of the long afternoon exuberant shutterbugs were still firing away. No doubt many of those pictures never went into the records, but into the private collections of the camermen.
   The tired Supreme Commander turned and, addressing the writer by rank, asked: "Do you have all the pictures you need?"
   Assured that he had, General Eisenhower turned away, but leaving with all those present the memory of a great man who, even in an hour oL being greatly honored, had time to remember and to be courteous to others who had a job to do, however small, that required his co-operation.

[The Daily News, Lebanon, PA, 29 Sep 1955, Thu, Page 6]

   Pfc. Joe Cipriano, of Hazelton, was elected captain of his "B" Co. basketball team and they went on to win the 1st Battalion championship of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment.  The teams are now playing in the USFET League, composed of all outfits serving as Army of Occupation in Frankfurt, Germany,

[The Plain Speaker, Hazleton, PA, 11 Dec 1945, Tue, Page 17]

Meet In France
   After not having seen each other for three years, Merle and Duane McDonald, sons of Mrs. Marjorie McDonald, 405 Russell st., !met recently in France. Duane's wife lives at 414 Cantwell ct. Duane was a member of the 501st parachute infantry and the 101st airborne division, while Merle was with the 508th parachute infantry. Duane is in France awaiting his return to the United States and expects to be home for the holidays. Merle is stationed in Germany. In combat from September, 1944, until V-E Day, Duane wears the European ribbon with four battle stars, the bronze star medal and the presidential citation. While on a furlough, he visited the birthplace of his grandfather in Edinburgh, Scotland.

[The Capital Times, Madison, WI, 18 Nov 1945, Sun, Page 6]

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