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Route Taken by Rex Combs after landing in Holland.  The Jachthius area is marked with an arrow (on right, one third down).  The red line is thought to be the route Rex Combs and his squad took to the Nijmegen bridge and back to Den Heuvel near Wyler, approximately a 7-8 mile route.

Jac Vissers
(center) owned the Jachthius (hunting lodge) where the 1st Battalion aid station was set up.  The other two men are unidentified.

Vissers Family
on steps of their home

Medics, 1st Battalion
taken in Jachthius during a respite period:

[l-r]: [front row] T/5 Lim A. Morgan; Capt Theodore Weeks (Asst. Battalion Surgeon; Capt. David Axelrod (Battalion Surgeon)

[center row] Nunzio J. Moretti; Gordon H. Cullings; unknown; SSgt. Everon P. Rutt

[back row] Michael F. Bednaz; unknown; unknown; John R. Coates

One Casualty
was Rex Combs who was hit in the leg by shrapnel as he exited the plane. 
This photo appears to have been taken at the side of the house (see matching windows in "Side View", below.  Combs returned to visit the Vissers family after the war.
(above photos courtesy of Rex Combs collection)

Front View
of the home at  *Tevenheuvelenweg 22, Jachthius, Berg En Dal, Holland today

* Literally, the address translates to Huntinghouse of the Seven Hills Road

Side View

Rear View

Rear Close-up
note the decorative brick openings which are partially seen in the photo above, front row, left of T/5 Morgan's arm


(Jachthius home photos courtesy of Jan Bos, August 2009)