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[The Evening Independent, Massillon, OH, Wednesday, October 23, 1946, Page 4]

Duchess of Windsor Shares Space with Hermann Goering and the 508th

   The Duchess of Winsor's jewels didn't all belong to her. according to cafe society gossip  here.  Quite a few were "on approval ..
  Another interesting theory about the Goering suicide is that the poison capsule was dropped into his mouth by one of the men summoned by his guard; that Goering was faking illness to get this man into his cell, by a prearranged plot ..
Local military men men wonder why the 508th Parachute regiment, which fought in Africa, Sicily, Italy and Europe and is one of the most decorated units in the service, was relieved of its assignment last week as honor guard at U.S. Army headquarters in Frankfurt, without publicity and without advance notice that the unit was coming home.

Pvt Joe Prince Escaped Ahead
Of Yanks Entering Germany
Special to The Courier-Times-Telegraph

 San Antonio, Nov. 24. As Pvt Joe Prince, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Brogan of Tyler, came into Brooke General Hospital here for a physical checkup, one of the first men he met was Pfc. W. A. Sparks of Bloomington, Ind., with whom he was confined for long, arduous months in a German prison camp.
   Prince had escaped from the camp where they were held several months before other prisoners at the camp were liberated by advancing Americans. As a result neither Prince nor Sparks knew what had happened to the other until they were assigned to the same ward at the general hospital here for medical treatment.
Was Thought Dead
"I supposed Joe had been killed," said Sparks. "He had attempted to escape at least ten times without success."
   Both men were with the 82nd Airborne Division, members of the 507th and 508th Parachute Infantry regiments. Both were in advance elements of the D-day invasion of Normandy. Sparks was captured seven days later; Prince was taken prisoner on D-day plus 20 after being wounded by shrapnel. Both were sent to Stalag 4F at Mulda, Germany, and interned there for ten months.
    Prince's eleventh attempt at escape was successful. Seven men tried; two got away alive. The paratrooper was one of them.
   "We mingled with evacuating civilians until we crossed the border Into Czechoslovakia ... about 60 kilometers from Mulda, I think," recalled Prince. There the paratrooper joined the Czech guerrillas and fought with them until the fall of Germany.
   Sparks and the other Inmates of Stalag 4F were liberated by advancing American armies and later evacuated to the states.
Back With Yanks

    When Prince, with one of Tito's bands, heard of the fall of Germany he took off immediately to rejoin his countrymen. "Let's say I appropriated' an American car driven by a German, and drove to the front lines of the 10th Armored Division in Germany. From then on everything was OK."
  Everything is still 'OK.' Prince has been dismissed from the hospital and Sparks will be out shortly. Both men are eligible for discharge and will be released from the Army within the next few weeks.

[The Tyler Courier-Times, Tyler, TX, 25 Nov 1945, Sun, Page 15]


[The Akron Beacon journal, Akron, OH, Sunday, October 6, 1946, Page 7]

Troops To Return

   FRANKFURT (UPI) --- U.S. headquarters announced Saturday that the 508th infantry regiment would return to the United States as a unit about Oct. 10 in conformity with the routine long-term plan to reduce the number of troops in the theatre.

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