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Dear 508 Veterans,
            Family Members,
                         or Friends of the 508th-

As you may know, there was a "Mini Reunion" held in Orange Park, Florida recently. It was dubbed as the First Anniversary Reunion as it fell on the date that had marked the retirement of the 508th PIR Association (WWII) just one year earlier.

Orange Park is quite close to Camp Blanding and we shared personal automobiles to travel to Camp Blanding where ceremonies were held at the 508th Memorial, the Leonard A. Funk, Jr. memorial and at DZ Diablo. If you did not have the opportunity to make the reunion, please enjoy the photos beginning at http://www.508pir.org/events/ reunions/2005 ha1/2Q05 oct 01.htm.

There was also a business meeting held on the last day of the reunion at which the formation of a new association was begun. This organization has the purpose of ensuring that the memory and legacy of the 508th PIR is perpetuated and that the camaraderie of the 508th members and its families should endure.

Discussed at the meeting were various aspects of a proposed set of Constitution and By-Laws. These points were reviewed and voted upon and the minutes of that meeting are attached for your review. For those of you who were in attendance, please advise should there be any suggestions for modification.

Please note that a number of special opportunities now exist for many of you.

First and foremost, two members of the retired 508th Association have stated that they would each donate $1,000 to assist in setting up the initial association fund provided that least one other individual donated an equal amount. I hope that both of those members' donations will be matched individually rather than jointly. If you can help us to meet that magnanimous donation goal, please do so as it will set the cornerstone for the association to grow upon.

Also, there will be a committee formed from the general membership that will act as an interim board of directors. Volunteers should be able to attend at least one centrally located committee meeting. Location is TBD based on those who are appointed to serve.

In addition, there are three trustee positions to be considered. I hope that many of the Veterans will give consideration to acting as a trustee. I know that we were all told in the service that we should never volunteer for anything - but paratroopers volunteered twice - once for the Army and then for the Airborne. You did a magnificent job then and here's a third chance to offer your services for a worthy cause!

So, get out your pens and checkbooks and send in your registration along with the initiation fee of $30.00. After that, if you would like to be considered as a committee member or as a trustee, let us know ASAP. Airborne, DICK O'DONNELL.

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2013 Lime Creek Road
Kerryville TX 78028-4310
PH: (830) 895-7460
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