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   CHET GRAHAM (HQ 2nd) suffered a minor stroke in early May, after his return from a trip to Texas. At last report he seemed tired but was doing OK.
   SEARCHING FOR- SHARON RASH is seeking information regarding her father, ARTHUR K. CZALBOWSKI. ARTHUR passed on in 1953 leaving few details of his WW II service. SHARON would appreciate hearing from anyone regarding him and added that she "would love to find a picture of my dad." Contact her at shashll@mchsi.com.
   NATIONAL AIRBORNE DAY - The concept of making 16 October a permanent National Airborne Day was recently proposed. On May 13, 2008 the House of congress submitted Resolution Number 348 and the Senate followed with Concurrent Resolution 80.
   The resolutions urge the President to designate a National Airborne Day in recognition of persons who are serving or ) have served in the Airborne forces of the Armed Services. It cites the long and honorable history of Airborne units who have and are fighting for the nation's freedom and peace. At this point the resolution has not yet been passed.
   KEN HAMILL, Secretary of the 508th Airborne Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division Association, is striving to update the 508th history. Based on the collective recall of the association membership and other sources, KEN states, "From what we know now, the 508 has been activated and inactivated between 8 and 11 times. Sometimes the 3-508 would be active in Panama while the 1-508 and/or 2-508 were serving with the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft Bragg or elsewhere."
ut, KEN SAYS there is a major gap to be filled, i.e., "Did the 1st Bn stand down between Vietnam and Grenada? How many times and when did the 508th battalions of the 82nd Airborne division stand up or stand down between 1964 and 1985?" If you recall specifics, contact KEN at kJwmill@mchsi. com.
   MEMORY LANE - THAD RUSSELL wrote recently that he recalled that his grandmother and her infant daughter (THAD's mom) went to visit his grandpa BILL GIEGOLD (Company F) at Camp Mackall when the 508th was in training. During the visit "this fellow pinned a parachute pin on mom's lapel. Mom gave me the pin and it now resides on my grandpa's hat in my room."
HAD remembered that his grandfather had said the man's name was "ADAM SOB-CHECK" and that he was killed on D-Day." THAD decided to search the 508th web site for the name. It took some looking to figure out who the trooper had actually been but THAD found the name of ADAM F. SOBEZYK (also in company F) on the web site's Roll of Honor.
He surmises that SOBEZYK was the person that gave his mother the parachutist wings way back in 1 943. Although the official date doesn't exactly match GlEGOLD's recollection, (ADAM is listed as killed in action on June 17, 1944). That date may actually reflect when SOBEZYK's body was recovered and his death actually being on D-Day is quite possible.
    Given that we are on the cusp of the Normandy anniversary, it is fitting that Pvt SOBEZYK and all the other 508ers who gave their lives during those 33 days of com¬bat are especially remembered this month.
he anniversary of D-Day is upon us and many Veterans, family and friends have made plans to visit Normandy as well as other important locations pertinent to the 508th history. Next year, of course, is the "biggie," marking 65 years since our paratroopers leaped into the tracer filled sky over Normandy. Numerous Veterans, family members and friends are plan¬ning on making a return visit in 2009.
   SICK CALL JOE ANDREW (HQ 1st) is in hospital at the time of this writing. He is having problems with compli¬cations due to diabetes. JOE had to have his right leg amputated on April 30th due to lack of circulation. He is also receiving kidney dialysis. JOE is waiting to hear what the doctors say about his left leg before he decides whether to continue treatment
   For those of you who would like to send a card, JOE's address is 83 Woodlawn Dr, Cleveland, GA 30528. If you would like to call him, his cell phone is (706) 969-4002.  NOTE: Since this writing, JOE has taken his final jump.


Dick O’Donnell
760 Conestee Drive

Melbourne, FL 32904
PH: (321) 759-6174
e-mail: Jumpmaster@508PIR.org

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