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     "Through the rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air …” was probably not the refrain that ran through the heads of the 508th men defending Hill 95 and other strategic locations in Normandy on July 4, 1944 even though the “fireworks” were there. Doubtless, they were too busy to be humming that tune even though despite being well aware of the significance of the date.
The anniversary marks still another observation of those important, harrowing, days for the men who were there. It is also a time for remembrance of those who are still there … and always will be.
By this date 64 years ago, the invasion forces had been in place 29 days and, for the 508th, there was to be no relief for a few more days. It would not be until D+33, July 9th that the 508th was rotated back to England to nurse its wounds, mourn its losses and rebuild its strength - physical, mental and military. The trip across the channel and the return to familiar grounds of Wollaton Park and the streets of Nottingham must have exhilarating.
TAPS BURON D. JEFFCOAT, (Co. E) 88, of Knoxville, TN made his Final Jump on June 26, 2008.
ROBERT INGERSOLL FLEMING, Cadre member and part of Company A in Camp Blanding and Fort Bragg died in Miami, FL on October 4, 2007.
Named “Mr. Physical Culture of Connecticut of 1939” FLEMING was appointed head of the regiment’s physical education program. A shattered leg suffered at Fort Bragg ended his paratrooper service.
Late news has been received of the passing of LESTER ZELLERS, 71, Erin, TN on January 28, 2005. LESTER was a member of HQHQ during the Korean Conflict.

LESLIE DROGE will be remembered by many as a young officer at Camp Blanding and Camp Mackall. An original Cadre member, DROGE was pulled out of the 508 as it went overseas to become C.O. of the 541st PIR’s Service Company.
The passing of FLOYD V. FAUBLE (G Company), 89, on Oct 4, 2007, in Lancaster, OH was noted.
CLEMENT J. "CLICK" PLISIEWICZ, SR. made his Final Jump on February 26, 2008 in Mt. Carmel, PA. “CLICK” was a member of D Company, WW-II.
DONALD F. MACK, 79, of Azle, TX passed on February 13, 2008. MACK was a member of the 508th Support Company during the Korean era.
MEMORIAL DEDICATED - The American Legion Vincent F. Picard Post 234 of Northborough, Massachusetts dedicated a memorial on May 25, 2008 to Captain FRANCIS E. FLANDERS. FLANDERS was killed in action on June 7, 1944 while serving as the Commanding Officer of Company F.
 FLANDERS was captured on D-Day and while being transported out of the battle zone with other American prisoners was killed in a strafing attack by allied planes. The pilots were unaware that the canvas-covered German trucks were carrying American prisoners of war. CAPTAIN FLANDERS’ remains lie in the Arlington National cemetery, Virginia.
HONORS ACCORDED - Tom Beno, G Company, recently was honored in multiple fashions. TOM and his wife MONICA had been striving, along with various 508th friends such as ZIG BOROUGHS and others, to get the VA to recognize that BENO deserved certain VA Benefits. That recognition and the benefits that came with them were recently awarded.
In addition, U.S. State Senator and Assistant Majority Leader, DICK DURBIN (D-IL), met with TOM on May 23, 2008 in Chicago. In a brief but moving ceremony SENATOR DURBIN pinned the Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals on TOM. Both awards had somehow never caught up with BENO but the errors were finally rectified after nearly 64 years.
PATHFINDERS SEARCH – A recent e-mail said, in part; “In 1955 my Pathfinder Team while at Camp Kashii, Fukuoka, Japan trained the first Japanese Pathfinder Team.   I’m wondering if through the Association I can locate some of those Japanese [and] if we could make them honorary members of the 508?
LT. SASAJIMA, the team leader and I became good friends and I was his house guest on the way back from Korea after becoming an officer. I shall see if I can locate and contact him.” /s/ DON WESLEY-BROWN, 508 ARCT Pathfinder 1954-1956.
This is a great idea and has the potential for a wonderful future reunion for all concerned. If you can add any contacts to the list, e-mail Don at 508Pathfinder@comcast.net


Dick O’Donnell
760 Conestee Drive

Melbourne, FL 32904
PH: (321) 759-6174
e-mail: Jumpmaster@508PIR.org

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