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   HONOR ROLL – After more than two years of concerted effort by many gracious volunteers, both U.S. and European, we have now collected a photographic record of every 508th grave in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and England. Each of them has been posted to the web site in the Roll of Honor section. Many more sites within the U.S. have also been documented; while the location of others is being sought. We hope that one day all our war dead will be recognized in this manner.

   SEARCHING – TIMOTHY PUTERBAUGH of Orlando, FL dropped us a line recently in which he said, “This is a great site. Thank you for setting it up. I am trying to locate any information on a Max Myers, Medical Detachment, 508th PIR, died 10/7/44 of an accident. I was trying to see if anyone can tell me anything about him (I.e., how long he was in the 508th, did anyone know him, etc.). He was my grandfather's youngest brother and the only one of the family that served in the military at that time. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Write to TIMOTHY at timothy.puterbaugh@cambridge-na.com

   TAPS – Late news has arrived of the Final Jump of five Service Company men: ORBIE KING passed on December 20, 2002 in Davis, CA while LINDALE KEALING died in April 1982 in Austin, TX. Also in Texas, RUDELL FOSTER died in La Marque in September 1982. In October 1984 CARL EHRMANTRAUT stood in the door one last time in Parkton, NC.  More recently, LESLIE “LES” DROGE, made his final jump on January 14, 2008 in Seneca, KS. LES was a 1st Lieutenant in Service Company during the regiment’s days at Camp Mackall in 1943. He was transferred as C.O. of Service Company in the 541st before the 508th went overseas. Even though he did not finish the war with the 508th, he considered himself to be 100 percent Red Devil and often attended 508th reunions.

   In 1963, LES ran for the Kansas State Senate serving from 1964 until 1976, all the while continuing to farm. He served as Chairman of the Senate's Agricultural Committee and was Chairman for the Senate Military Affairs Committee.

   He is survived by his wife, Lola, three sons, two daughters, 12 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.
Condolences can be sent to the family at 3022 I Rd., Seneca, KS 66538.

   508TH LOSES A SPECIAL FRIEND – DAVID PIKE, 65, died unexpectedly in his sleep at his home in Ste. Mere Eglise, France recently.

   DAVID was born and raised in the Nottingham area. He became extremely interested in the 508th and its impact on the city. His subsequent research resulted in a book entitled “Airborne in Nottingham”. His assistance lent to regiment members during their visits to the area was always greatly appreciated.
DAVID attended at least one of the reunions held by the 508th PIR Association and was appointed an honorary colonel in unique recognition of his contributions.

   Mr. PIKE was cremated in Brix near Cherbourg on Tuesday September 16, 2008. The following day the PIKE family held a private ceremony on Hill 30 where they scattered his ashes.

   SICK CALL – DARRELL GLASS recently went under the knife for some back surgery but is now out, up and around. Glad to hear you’re on the mend, DARRELL!

   SPECIAL HONORS – On November 11, 2008, COL. ROBERT ABRAHAM (HQ HQ) will be inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame, which is located in the Oklahoma Christian University.

   Col. ABRAHAM is being inducted in a ceremony with 13 other individuals, including Gen. Tommy Franks. Daughter DEBORAH ABRAHAM wrote, "I so wish he were alive to receive this honor, but knowing my Dad’s humility, he likely would not even have attended the ceremony. My husband and I will be there in his stead, however.”

   ODDITIES – There is a memorial plaque in the town square of Gourbesville, France inscribed as “In Memory of JAMES R. HATTRICK, a solider of the 82nd Airborne and the 300 American Soldiers that fell on the field of honor in Gourbesville from June 6 to 16, 1944”.
The mystery is that no one in the village remembers why HATTRICK, of I Company, was singled out for this honor. Perhaps one of our readers can enlighten us.


Dick O’Donnell
760 Conestee Drive

Melbourne, FL 32904
PH: (321) 759-6174
e-mail: Jumpmaster@508PIR.org

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