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     MEMORIES - August 1944 brought blessed relief, and tears, to men of the 508th as well as the townspeople of Nottingham after the regiment’s return following 33 grueling days of combat. Of the more than 2000 men who had gone into Normandy, fewer than half remained, the others having been killed, wounded or captured.  It was not long before replacement troops began to report as the 508th prepared for its next big test that would come in September.
     SEARCHING – MARIA EUGENIA BARRENA, daughter of JOSE O. BARRENA has contacted us looking for information on her father’s 508th service. About January 1944, JOSE, a native of Cuba, enlisted in the U.S. Army and may have gone through jump school in April of that year.
Based on photographs that MARIA EUGENIA has shared, her father was with the regiment at least during a portion of its stint as GENERAL EISENHOWER’S Honor Guard. Whether he caught any of the Ardennes action is not yet known.  It is certain, however, that JOSE re-upped in January 1946 and was at Fort Bragg in 1947, perhaps as an instructor.
Anyone who knew JOSE BARRENA is asked to contact his daughter MARIA EUGENIA BARRENA at mariaeugebrb@yahoo.com
ALSO SEARCHING - During the recent Veterans Weekend held at Wollaton Park, 508th friend GRAHAM LAWSON was in conversation with a lady called GLENYS BURTON.   GLENYS told GRAHAM how her friends, the SWIFT family, befriended an American soldier with whom they would like to reestablish contact.
Back in 1944, Mr. H. and Mrs. B Swift along with their daughter Elsie Swift who was in the A.T.S (Auxiliary Territorial Service, the women's branch of the British Army) knew an American service man by the name of Alex or Alec Johnson. They recall that Johnson played the piano and visited them on many happy occasions. The address that the SWIFT family lived at in 1944 was: 1 Wainright Street, St. Anns, Nottingham. They would love to hear from JOHNSON who may contact them through GRAHAM LAWSON at graham508@sky.com
LAWSON also mentioned that since the 508 Museum has unfolded there has been increasing interest in the 508th. Thanks for all your continuing efforts, GRAHAM, they are greatly appreciated!
TAPSJOE C. ANDREW made his Final Jump on August 4, 2008 in Cleveland, GA due to complications of diabetes. JOE, 83, was a well known member of HQ 1st Company, WW-II. He is survived by his wife BETTY, their daughter DEE DEE MASSEY and their son ROD. Funeral arrangements are still pending but it is known that JOE will be cremated and his ashes will be retained until his beloved wife can join him. At that time both will be interred in a national cemetery.
JOSEPH J. ESPOSITO, HQ HQ, WW-II, departed on February 29, 2008. JOSEPH, 90, lived in Saluda, VA.
Late news of the death of TEMPLE TUTWILER in Alabama has reached us. TEMPLE was a Lieutenant in D Company (WW-II) and died on March 1, 1982.
Retired Army Sgt. ROBERT EDWARD STENSKE, 76, Fayetteville, NC, died Feb. 22, 2008. MR. STENSKE was a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars.
JOHN M. WAUGH, 508th RCT, passed on Nov 28, 2007 in Arvada, CO.
WAR BRIDES – ZIG BOROUGHS (HQ HQ ad former 508th columnist) has recently been researching a WALTER NETON.  WALTER, some may recall, served with the 506th, (101st Airborne) during the war. He married a Polish girl in the summer of 1945 and in October of 1945 NETON was transferred to the 508th in Frankfurt.
After VE day, there were many transfers going on. Many 508ers were getting out on points and vacancies were being filled with men from other airborne units. A lot of new recruits fresh from jump school came to the 508th at that time as well.

Typically, combat veterans who married overseas and received early discharges had to go home alone and wait for a long time before their brides could join them. WALTER NETON apparently chose to stay with his bride as he re-upped in January of 1946. He later came home with his wife and son aboard a ship for war brides, a voyage that must have occurred at the end of his re-up enlistment. WALTER’s wife ALEXANDRA died in December 1985 and he succumbed in January 1987.


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