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Up Aboard Ship Fish Fry Berchtesgaden

by Earnest W. Stewart


   Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stewart recently received the following letter from their grandson who is in the Paratroopers:

   Dear Grandma Grandpa and all: As this is Christmas and I have nothing to do thought I would drop you a few lines and let you know I am getting along OK.
   I expect you are all having a swell time today and I am feeling pretty good myself for in about three weeks I should be on my way to Oklahoma if nothing happens and nobody changes their mind but this is the army you know they can cancel our furlough at anytime but I don't think they will.
   We are going to have a big dinner today. It will be good no doubt but nothing like your cooking Grandma, so when I get home you might as well figure on feeding me a few meals for I'm coming down for some biscuits. (Ha Ha)
   This morning is the first time I have seen the sun since I got here but it hasn't changed a bit, still round and comes up in the east just like it did in California. (Ha Ha)
   We got a good deal here. We get $50 bonus a month besides our pay so that makes us $100 a month of course I haven't got my bonus yet but will in three weeks.
   We are the best paid, clothed and fed soldier that there are and sometimes! think we earn it.
   I expect I had better sign off and do a little washing for tomorrow so good luck and keep the home fires burning.
    With love to all,
           Earnest Stewart

[The Freedom Call, Freedom, OK, 11 Jan 1945, Thu, Page 8]

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