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Up Camp Mackall England France Holland Belgium

German Tiger Tank Not a welcome sight as this metal beast had great armor and fire power.  This photo was shot near Goronne, Belgium

Chateau Chevron, Belgium
The 508th fought through a bitter winter but Captain Nation still saw enough beauty in this tranquil scene to shoot a few frames of his 8 mm film.
Less Tranquil, these tanks present a foreboding sight even though one appears to have been shoved aside due to mechanical failure.  Nonetheless, Capt. Nation squeezed off a few frames of this scene as well.

        Arbrefontaine (Then and Now)

A small. sleepy village lies in wintry snow.  This scene was probably typical of many small-towns that the 508th moved through.
Now: Francis Volvert supplied the above montage using the photo at left which had already appeared in this spot and matched it with one of his own (seen on the right).
   Francis wrote "Hello, I passed by chance on your site, and I discovered a photograph of Arbrefontaine there, with precisely the house of my early childhood many years later."
   The serenity of the village seems unchanged but Frabcis' home is now a two-story building.

Take Five Men of the 508th take a well deserved break. 
   A similar version of this photo appears on p..68 of Bill Lord's "History of the 508 PIR" and according to the caption, the men are from HQ Co., 3rd Bn.
   "The book misidentifies the location as Arbrefontaine," reports Bill Nation, nephew of Captain Nation, "but it is in actuality in Les Avenanterres. I was taken there by a Belgian friend and we compared the photo to the site and there was no question that the two were the same."