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COMPANY D - CAMP MACKALL, 1943 (or other location as may be noted)
Pvt Robert P. Hahn
Joseph Hall
as a young 2nd Lt. (date location unknown)
.   Winner of 2 Silver Stars and the British Military Cross, Lt. Joseph Hall, D Co. sports a German Luger pistol somewhere in Holland, 1944.
   508th vet Roger Kitchen recalls "Joe was a replacement in Holland and went on to participate in the Battle of the Bulge also. He stayed in the military and was a three war veteran with service in WW-2, Korea and Vietnam. He eventually retired a Colonel."
   Roger also said, "Hall and Roseberry were buddies of mine, but the two of them were a little bit different than me. I was interested in doing what I had to do, and those guys were the type that, if things were quiet, which wasn't often, [they] would go out on patrol and try to liven things up when we were in Belgium. In other words, they went out looking for trouble a lot. I recall them going out once, in Belgium, and I asked Rosey what the story was. He told me that they were going to sit under a bridge they expected the Germans to attack across, and once the enemy was across that they'd open up on them with their Tommy guns. I told Rosey he was nuttier than a fruitcake and so was Hall. I asked him what the hell two guys would do if a thousand krauts crossed the bridge!  Rosey said ''you worry too much, Kitch. If they use the bridge, we'll have them trapped between us and you guys here on the line'.  Luckily, no attack came!"
Pvt Wiley A. Harling
Pvt Paul J. Haugh
Charles Hayden (r) with father Buedette
(date and location unknown)


Pvt Joe W. Hays
Pfc Lowell E. Heid
in Hq 2nd, 1944-45


Pvt Ray L. Helton
(date and location unknown)
Pvt Ray L. Helton
on guard duty, perhaps in Frankfurt but the classic white scarf and gloves are missing
Pvt James W. Hill 


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