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If you can supply the Company assignment for anyone, please e-mail Jumpmaster@508Pir.prg
Lt. Murray Harvey
date and location unknown
Murray Harvey
date and location unknown but decorations imply post-war era and possibly in Germany
Korean POWs
wear concerned looks as they stand before Major Harvey and two other men who are only identified as the unit's S-2 and S-3
Commendation Medal
Murray is congratulated by the general who pinned on his newest award

Photo For Home
bears the signature of a "loving husband"

Murray Harvey and a Major Crawford
pose before  sign for the HQ Airborne Division, 1st Student Regiment. Date and location unknown. Perhaps they were amongst the first instructors in jump training?
Camp Fuji, Japan
Murray Harvey sent this photo home to his wife.  Probably taken during R&R, Korean Conflict
"My Shiner"
was the description Murray penned on this photo, but without an explanation of how he received it.
George E. Hartman BG Archelaus Lewis Hamblen, Jr.
date and location of photo unknown
Justin R. Heck
4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st/508th, deployed to Afghanistan in 2012
Pct Robert A. Heurgue
Charles Hudson (r) and an unidentified friend in photo probably taken in 1943. 
   Charles is believed to have been in Company C but prior to the 508th deploying overseas he sustained an injury in a practice jump which is presumed to have occurred at Camp Mackall and he was removed from jump status.
   After recovery, Charles was reassigned to the 90th Infantry Division and fought with them from Normandy to the Battle of the Rhineland while, according to his son, "liberating many a wine cellar along the way."  It was an odd twist of fate that Charles' new unit, the 358th Infantry Regiment, made contact with the 508th from the beaches on or about June 10. This brought the 508th into the American lines with them moving to the south and the 358th moving to the west. Whether Hudson made contact with any of his friends from the 508th is something unlikely to ever be answered.
   Charles  was severely wounded during the Battle of Rhineland and airlifted back to the States in March 1945.
WO-4 Fernando M. Huerta
served in the 508th ARCT but no other information is available.

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