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SITREP 508/1 - 02 September  2020

1. Commander’s Comments:
 1FURY prioritized deliberate recovery operations and preparation for deployment into FURY FIGHT TWO (FF2), our collective training event focused on SLFX, PLFX, SBF LFX, and Delta Gunnery to prepare us for CALFX in late September. Our recovery operations followed a standardized five day model to include vehicle/weapons cleaning, maintenance, inventories, supply actions, counseling and awards. For field preparation, companies participated in a Battalion level rehearsal of concept for FF2 execution, conducted TLPs and deliberate PCCs/PCIs and rehearsals. Battalion staff maintained the Main Command Post (MCP) in the unit area during this period to operationalize recovery operations and to iterate with our configuration. Finally, the Battalion conducted All American Day train-the-trainer courses for team leaders, followed by formal counseling sessions. Our NCOs appreciated the dedicated time to conduct counseling.

2. Brief summary of activities over the last two weeks by LOE

. ·  o Unbeatable LGOPs

 o  SSG Jones hails from Oxford, Mississippi and currently serves as the Section Leader for 3rd Platoon, Delta Company. SSG Jones uses his knowledge and experience with heavy weapons companies to not only mentor the Paratroopers but also his peers throughout the company. SSG Jones plays a vital role in training his heavy weapons platoon by teaching classes on the emplacement and operation of the weapon systems that are unique to his formation. Additionally, SSG Jones recently completed the Small Arms Marksmanship Trainer Course and was recognized by SFC Zanoff, the DIV marksmanship trainer, as the top performer in the class. SSG Jones is the type of leader young Paratroopers can aspire to be

  o Training at the individual and collective level: 1FURY conducted PMI and drills in preparation for FURY FIGHT TWO. PMI focused on rifle marksmanship, machine gun and AT-4 employment, worm boards for heavy weapons, and vehicle fire commands. Delta Company also conducted night individual gunner qualifications on the M2 .50 caliber machine gun in preparation for Gunnery. Additionally, companies began demolition training yesterday, facilitated by A/307TH BEB, in preparation for brasier breach employment during PLT LFXs next week

 o 1FURY continued development of dry fire and knock out a bunker lanes. For the dry fire lanes, A Company integrated four tricons for obstacle climbing and downward angle shots. A Company also added green circles, blue triangles, and red squares onto each of the dry fire silhouettes. Additionally, the company improved the knock out a bunker lanes with triple strand concertina (not depicted). For the obstacle course, C Company will work with BDE ENG to create design proposal/statement of work for submission to DIV ENG. DIV ENG will coordinate approval and resourcing with DPW.

 o Deploy, Fight, and Win Anywhere in 18 Hours. o Readiness metrics that are important for the CG: § M1167 (HMMWV w/ TOW): 6 / 8 [-2] 2x deadline faults identified during field exercise. § M1167 (HMMWV w/ CROW): 1 / 8 [-6] 1x mainframe shipped, 1x traversing lock malfunction, 1x camera issue, 1x requires cocking actuator, 3x move deadline on vehicle. Faults were identified during training and evacuated to the UMCP for further diagnosis. § 1FURY had several Paratroopers test positive for COVID-19 after the Labor Day weekend, resulting in precautionary quarantine of specialized platoon. With assistance from 307th AEB, 82nd BSB, and 3BCT Staff 1FURY deployed to the field and continues to train our squads and platoons

  o The Battalion began consolidation of excess parts and equipment in the motor pool for turn-in. This initiative will divest our COFs and motor pool roll-ups of excess and free up space for training. It will also encourage our junior leaders to “own their box” by maintaining neat and orderly unit areas. We will turn-in acceptable items to the SSA beginning on 24 SEP and remaining items to COW on 06 OCT

. o Focus on readiness pillars and our collective/combat mission: 1FURY completed medical and personnel readiness rodeos prior to entering into the field problem, with 96 PHAs completed by the PA last week.

 o Training: 1FURY increased readiness and lethality by executing the first three days of FF2, a 12 day training exercise. Initial training objectives focused on command and control, with the MCP, FTCP, and CTCP/UMCP executing command post activities. Using these C2 nodes, 1FURY will simultaneously battle track and deconflict training support. Additionally, we will conduct concurrent planning operations from the field, allowing us to maintain not only the CUOPs fight but FUOPs planning.

·        Transform the Division.

o   Highlights of major innovation efforts, fieldings, or initiatives: 1FURY, with help of the BCT UAS Officer – CW4 Rickert, successfully conducted a follow-up test with the ATAK (ITN EUD) to the Black Hornet sUAS’s video feed. The test proved that the ATAK can receive and present Black Hornet feeds via an Ethernet cable connection. Further work is required to distribute via wireless across the ITN. 1Fury possesses the equipment necessary and will continue to establish the ITN architecture by installing wireless cradle points.

o   o   Force Modernization: 1FURY prioritized development of the Main Command Post (MCP) with the continued retro-fitting of old field ambulance (FLA) vehicles. Although other units have successfully used this approach with expando vans and fire support trucks, 1FURY found the old FLAs the most readily available. Currently the 1FURY MCP includes 3 x FLAs: 1) CUOPS; 2) FUOPS; 3) S2. The FLA’s provide a mobile configuration with easier set-up and tear-down by excluding a tent. Work remains on upper T/I integration and external power generation. Staff currently uses 5590 power adapters, procured during deployment, to power laptops.

·        Live the Legacy.

o   FRC, awards, reenlistment, LPDs, etc.:  

1FURY recognized SSG Jordan D. Tandler at CSM (Ret). Rock Merritt’s residence as the Battalion’s Squad Leader of the year. The engagement was an honor for the Battalion and a special opportunity to connect with our historic lineage. Special thanks to BCT PAO for supporting the event!

3. Way Ahead: Describe activities/training events over the next two weeks aligned against the Division’s 4 Lines of Effort.

· ·        Unbeatable LGOPs. 1FURY will complete FURY FIGHT TWO (FF2) through the next reporting cycle and then transition into BCT run CALFX. FURY FIGHT TWO training events begin will individual marksmanship and specialty training and then transitions into Squad Live Fires. Specialty training includes live hand grenade, M320 HE, demo training, and a train the trainer course facilitated by the graduates from Division’s Advanced Rifle Marksmanship course run by SFC Zanoff. Concurrent to squad live fires, the Battalion’s NCO will host a “week of the gun” course that includes support by live fire training and AT integration. Delta Company will conduct crew and section gunnery throughout FF2 and facilitate 2BCT’s TOW shoot at the AGR on 27 SEP

During the latter half off FF2, the Battalion will transition into Platoon Live Fires on R77 with concurrent company STX lanes. The STX lane features a company movement to contact that transitions into a defensive engagement on OP 15. Commander’s will plan an area defense and integrate obstacle in TAA Z1, adjacent to OP 15. Commanders, PLs, and company FSTs will plan and conduct indirect fires into the McPherson Impact Area adjacent to OP 15. Company FST will have to prioritize and employ 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm mortar assets in a reverse echelonment of fires. After LFX/STX culminates on the morning of 25 September, the Battalion will execute a two-day refit and re-deploy on 28 September for CALFX. 

·        Deploy, Fight, and Win Anywhere in 18 Hours. All throughout FF2, Battalion will conduct multi-echelon training with MCP, CTCP and BAS co-located in TAA L. The FSC will run the FASP from TAA U with an established UMCP and FTCP. Before execution of platoon live fires, the Battalion will jump all command posts from TAA U to TAA L and TAA L to TAA U, respectively.

·        Transform the Division. We will continue our effort to move faster and fight lighter, with a realignment of our vehicle fleet and communications platforms.  This includes consolidate DAGORs in both the battalion scouts and distribution platoon, creating MRZRs capable of rapidly moving to retrans multiple nets on the battlefield, and maximizing company trains ability to deliver sustainment on the battlefield

·        Live the Legacy. 1FURY will culminate the FURY FIGHT TWO intensive training cycle with recognition of the attributes we want to inspire in our Paratroopers.

. Highlights of Future Training/Key Events: 3 weeks to 1 year.

·        Highlights on future deployments (units/individuals). N/A

·        Requests for Assistance/Help: Assistance from BDE ENG on concept/statement of work requires for the obstacle course lane.

·        Emerging Opportunities: Merging of company EXEVAL lanes into a multi-echelon event to stimulate command post operations at the Battalion level and train company reporting upwards.

·        Possible CG training event visits: PLT LFX on Range 77, 22-24 SEP, BCT CALFX: 29 SEP – 01 OCT.

·        Upcoming Weekend Training – FURY FIGHT TWO: 19-20 SEP for SQD LFXs, 26-27 SEP for D co Gunnery and TOW Shoot.

Very Respectfully,





MAJ Trevor M. Jones

BN S3, 1-508 PIR



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