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SITREP 508/1 - 17 SEP – 30 SEP

1.  Commander’s Comments:

1FURY concluded FURY FIGHT TWO (FF2) during the reporting cycle with 9 of 9 platoons complete through day/night live fires and 8 of 8 sections complete through weapons company gunnery. Companies also conducted squad live fire, crew gunnery, support by fire live fire, demolition, hand grenade, M320 HE training, and a TOW shoot. After FF2, 1FURY transitioned into CALFEX with one company complete through day and night live iterations as of this report. Following CALFEX, 1FURY will conduct SRP next week in preparation for ORS, 26-30 October. Excluding live fire training, SRP is 1FURY’s first major assumption task along our path to assume IRB-1 on 07 December. SRP will run concurrent with the Battalion’s deliberate recovery model to reset the team.


2. Brief summary of activities over the last two weeks by LOE.

·        Unbeatable LGOPs.

·        Paratrooper of the Week: SPC(P) Christopher Reardon, 2/D/1-508TH PIR. SPC(P) Reardon hails from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. He has been a key contributor to 2/D during crew and section gunnery. SPC(P) Reardon’s initiative and expertise on machine guns directly contributed to the success of his crew and section’s qualification. Because of SPC(P) Reardon’s motivation and violence of action during training, his crew achieved a distinguished rating and earned the title of “Top Gun.” SPC(P) Reardon continues to strive for excellence and is an all-around hard working Paratrooper ready to accomplish any mission.



o   Fury Shout-Out: SSG Jordan Cookson, A/307TH BEB. SSG Cookson served as the engineer safety for the explosive brazier breach during platoon live fires. He walked every execution of day/night blank and live platoon attacks, totaling over 60 iterations. Additionally, he advised the Battalion Commander on management of the demolition materials to ensure safe and effective training.


o   Training at the individual and collective level: Platoon live fires emphasized the use of organic weapons to build individual and collective confidence in our ability to fight without enabler support. 1FURY Paratroopers employed 18 x live brasier breaches, 18 x live hand grenades, and 18 x live AT-4 shots during platoon live fires. Platoons received fire support only from company and battalion mortars. This approach replicates how infantry battalions often fight during Warfighter Exercises, where artillery fires and attack aviation focus forward of the CFL, beyond the “close fight.”



o   Platoon live fires featured a chemical threat requiring platoons to conduct their attack in MOPP Level II. Once the platoon’s seized their objective, the training scenario injected an enemy counterattack with chemical munitions replicated by CS hand grenades. This inject compelled Paratroopers to dawn their masks while simultaneously evacuating a casualty.


·        Deploy, Fight, and Win Anywhere in 18 Hours.

o   Readiness metrics that are important for the CG:

§  Over the last 2 weeks of training we identified deadline faults on 3x M1167 (HMMWV w/ TOW) but were able to conduct maintenance in the field and resolve the issue: 8 / 8 with no deadline faults.  

§  1FURY had Paratroopers test positive for COVID-19, resulting in precautionary quarantine of a rifle platoon (30 PAX). 


o   Focus on readiness pillars and our collective/combat mission: While conducting Squad, Section, and Platoon Live Fire Exercises, 1FURY staged an armament van to rapidly repair over 20 weapons and get them back into the fight, especially for machine guns after extensive use on the support by fire live fire and platoon live fire.  As the battalion conducted CALFEX, companies executed decentralized recovery process with a focus on maintenance of weapons systems unable to be repaired in the field.  Upon return all companies will execute deliberate recovery of our vehicle fleet in preparation for ORS inspection. 





o   Training: With the conclusion of FF2, 1FURY trained 18 of 18 squads on squad attack, 9 of 9 weapons squads on support by fire live fire, and 9 of 9 platoons on platoon attack. Platoon live fires also included enter/clear a trench. Separately, our Delta Company qualified 16 of 16 crews and 8 of 8 sections on weapons gunnery.

·        Transform the Division. Delta Company participated in 2BCT’s TOW shoot, firing 2 of 2 TOWs. The training offered Delta Company one of the seldom opportunities to train on the ITAS system.

·        Force Modernization: Following the TOW shoot, 1FURY turned-in 8 of 8 ITAS systems. The Battalion will field the new ITAS systems next week.


·        Live the Legacy: FRC, awards, reenlistment, LPDs, etc.: 1FURY recognized several Paratroopers with awards for their outstanding performance during Platoon live fires, to include direct hits with the AT-4 against a vehicle hulk. The Battalion will also submit ARCOMs for personnel going above and beyond on the lane.


3.  Way Ahead: Describe activities/training events over the next two weeks aligned against the Division’s 4 Lines of Effort.


·        Unbeatable LGOPs. 1FURY will complete CALFEX with 3 of 3 rifle companies trained. CAFLEX will ensure our companies possess the competence to synchronize effects with maneuver, while integrating D co, sniper, mortar, artillery, and attack aviation enablers.

·        Deploy, Fight, and Win Anywhere in 18 Hours. The Battalion will conduct SRP next week in preparation for ORS. SRP will place medical and administrative readiness for the majority of the Battalion on “green” status through our IRB-1 handover in April. Those performing details or on quarantine will conduct their SRP the following week during Brigade’s scheduled make-up window.

·        Transform the Division. 1FURY’s S-6 and TOC platoon leader attended 1BCT’s seminar on Capability Set-21, which included ITN demonstrations. 1FURY will use this to further stimulate testing and integration with the ITN to propagate the network. This includes building out our DAGORs into an air-droppable configuration and use of the ATAK with the Black Hornet.

·        Live the Legacy. Due to execution of CALFEX this week, 1FURY will conduct the next All American Day on 08 October before taking the 4-day weekend for Columbus Day. 

4. Highlights of Future Training/Key Events: 3 weeks to 1 year.

·        Highlights on future deployments (units/individuals). N/A

·        Requests for Assistance/Help: N/A

·        Emerging Opportunities: Staff will plan from the Battalion’s FLA-configured main command post during LTP to train how we will conduct concurrent planning operations during JRTC.

·        Possible CG training event visits: N/A

·        Upcoming Weekend Training – LTP, 17-18 OCT

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