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SITREP 508/1 - 1 OCT – 14 OCT

1.  Commander’s Comments:

1FURY completed Company Combined Arms Maneuver Live Fire Exercise (CAMLFEX) and Soldier Readiness Program (SRP) during the reporting cycle. CAMLFEX capped off our collective live training progression for IRB-1 assumption, which began with team live fires in mid-August. The Battalion then transitioned into deliberate recovery following CAMLFEX, which also included execution of SRP in preparation for our ORS inspections beginning on 27 October. SRP tasks included individual administrative updates, medical readiness, and ISOPREP collection. Going forward, our #1 priority is ORS preparation, followed closely by LTP. The Battalion staff will begin LTP this Friday and plan in parallel with Brigade throughout the following week. We see friction ahead with the simultaneous execution of ORS and the 96-hour sequence for Panther Storm 21-01; however, we will work with Brigade for scheduling deconfliction.  

2. Brief summary of activities over the last two weeks by LOE.

·        Unbeatable LGOPs.

·        Paratrooper of the Week: SPC Csenar is a member of Weapons Squad, 1st Platoon, A/1-508TH PIR. During Fury Fight 2, SPC Csenar distinguished himself from his peers by demonstrating exceptional fortitude. During the final iteration of Platoon Live Fires, he broke his ankle while maneuvering to the objective. Despite this injury, SPC Csenar pushed forward and completed the mission, allowing the support by fire element to effectively suppress the enemy. SPC Csenar’s tenacity and perseverance sets the example for other Paratroopers to follow and models the level of discipline and aggressiveness of Paratroopers in Able Company.


o   Training at the individual and collective level: Squads received additional repetitions at support by fire, breach-mine wire obstacle, battle drill six, and AT-4 engagements during Brigade’s CAMLFEX. Incorporation of these tasks are vital to building truly unbeatable LGOPs that can fight with organic assets to close with and destroy the enemy. Additionally, CAMLFEX afforded leaders the opportunity to integrate indirect fires and attack aviation, building confidence in their ability to plan and execute maneuver around these enablers. Future training should focus on mastering the basics, with particular focus on marksmanship.

·        Deploy, Fight, and Win Anywhere in 18 Hours.

o   Upon the return from FURY FIGHT 2 and CAMLFEX we conducted a deliberate recovery of the battalion, implementing our five day model to include vehicle/weapons cleaning, maintenance, inventories, supply actions, counseling, and awards. 

o   We conducted lateral transfers of equipment to transform the force and reconcile how we fight with who owns the equipment.  This includes: transferring DAGORs to the Distribution Platoon IOT establish a highly mobile FLE on the dropzone, and adding more troop carrying capability to the Delta Company Integrate our Scout Sections with our Motorized Platoons to create a Reconnaissance Team.  

o   Over the last week we conducted a Paratrooper readiness focus as we prepare for the Operational Readiness Survey (ORS) prior to assuming Immediate Response Battalion 1 (IRB1):

§  For medical readiness we had 602 Paratroopers process through the Soldier Readiness Center.  430 Paratroopers completed ANAM and 365 completed hearing.  Despite the MEDPROS online PHA/PDHA system being down last week, 473 Paratroopers were able to meet with a provider and will complete the online portion in the next week.  Finally, 505 Paratroopers received immunizations.  However due to unforcasted shortages of deployment immunizations, an alibi immunization is scheduled for 20OCT20. 

§  For administrative readiness we reviewed 630 SRP packets with 516 completed.  The rest required minor corrections and will be returned/reviewed NLT 16OCT20.  Additionally, we validated 479 Paratroopers in the ISOPREP system, with the remaining Paratroopers scheduled for appointments throughout the next week. 

o   Training: By completing CAMLFEX, all three rifle companies validated their ability to conduct combined arms maneuver at day and night. This also includes their ability to integrate D co sections into maneuver. Although this marks a major milestone in our preparation for IRB-1 assumption, much work remains to be done to keep the blade sharp between now and the beginning of JRTC RTN 21-04.

·        Transform the Division. 1FURY continued development of the mobile TOC during CAMLFEX. During the exercise, the BN S-6 successfully stood up the TCN, which provided internet for the staff to gain upper TI for email and other services. We will continue working the TOC and upper TI ICW with the BCT’s MCAS concept.

·        Force Modernization: The Battalion fielded 8 of 8 new ITAS systems last week. 4 Paratroopers also began the two week train the train course.

·        Live the Legacy: FRC, awards, reenlistment, LPDs, etc.: 1FURY conducted a ceremony to recognize outstanding achievement during Fury Fight 1, 2, and CAMLFEX. 99 Paratroopers received AAMs and 7 earned ARCOMs for distinguishing themselves on the lanes. The ceremony aimed to highlight and reinforce the values and attributes we wish to instill throughout the formation. Separately, the Battalion conducted All American Day on 08 October, completing deliberate counseling of Paratroopers before the 4-day weekend.


3.  Way Ahead: Describe activities/training events over the next two weeks aligned against the Division’s 4 Lines of Effort.

·        Unbeatable LGOPs. Platoons will conduct LTT with a primary focus on physical fitness and marksmanship drills. Squads will make use of the dry fire lane course and silhouettes to complement their marksmanship training.  Companies will also continue coaching Squad Leaders on how to train marksmanship. This includes a marksmanship LPD series, hosted by A co, for Squad Leaders and above.

·        Deploy, Fight, and Win Anywhere in 18 Hours. The Battalion will concentrate on ORS preparation to meet our readiness requirement to deploy, fight, and win anywhere in 18 Hours. Alibi SRP tasks will be completed next week, to include distribution of remaining immunizations. Additionally, PAO will support Hero Photos for the Battalion on 22 October.

·        Transform the Division. D co will participate in a 40-hour crew course next week for the new ITAS. 4 total crews, representing each of the four D co platoons, will attend the training.

·        Live the Legacy. The Battalion will continue its LPD program, with a focus on Airborne Proficiency (Battalion and Brigade hosted events) and a Characteristics of the Offense discussion for platoon leadership and above.  

4. Highlights of Future Training/Key Events: 3 weeks to 1 year.

·        Highlights on future deployments (units/individuals). N/A

·        Requests for Assistance/Help: N/A

·        Emerging Opportunities: Employ black hornets with ATAK during the assault on SIM City during Panther Storm 2.

·        Possible CG training event visits: N/A

·        Upcoming Weekend Training – LTP, 17-18 OCT



MAJ Trevor M. Jones
BN S3, 1-508 PIR 3BCT, 82D ABN DIV


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