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Timmes Orchard Gathering
[l-r] Wayne Pierce (325th GIR), Bud Olson (325th GIR), Bob Murphy (505thj PIR), Dave Bullington (505th PIR), John Marr (507th PIR) and Chet Graham (508th PIR)
Read speech made by
speech given by Daniel Briard, President, Association U. S. Normandie
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"Member of Honor"
certificates were given to several veterans by the
Association U. S. Normandie.
[l-r] Bill Sullivan (505th PIR);  Bob Murphy (505th PIR);  Jimmy Wynn (508th PIR; Reed Pelfrey (506th PIR)
At far right is Mme. Chantal Poisson, owner of the "Manoir de la Fière"

Special Treatment
Vivian Roger, of the Association U. S. Normandie gives Jim Wynne extra recognition,  Her husband Rodolphe, Secretary of
the Association U. S. Normandie, stands to her right (wearing suit)

Veterans Gathered
at the home of Charlotte Jean Le Motey for a tribute to 325th GIR Wayne Pierce.  Chet Graham 508th PIR on far right

Chet Graham
of the 508th sits third from left

Col Wayne Pierce
325th GIR was honored with this Citizen of Honor plaque from the townspeople of Amfreville

Citizen of Honor
ceremony was documented in a local newspaper

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(all photos courtesy Association U. S. Normandie)