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Modern Era Photos of Men of The 508th

Theodore "Ted" Belliveau [r] and Ralph "Zig" Boroughs, at Ted's home in New Bedford, MA, July 1989

My Family
Ted and Irene Belliveau stand to the right of daughters Michele and Lucille
[courtesy of Favela family]
Biagio Bennardi
displays his Bronze Star Medal and a printout of his page from the World War II Memorial Honorees section
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Donald A. Bender
Co B [1924-2015]

James R. Benton (l) and James R. Blue check out a copy of the Saturday Evening Post magazine.
.  Both were with in Co A for the D-Day fracas.
   Taken at Ft. Bragg in 1959, Benton was then a PX Manager and Blue was the 82nd Airborne Museum curator.

Richard A. Bernhard
Co A & C, 1945
Biles Family
[rear] five grandchildren. [front l-r] son Robert, Don, Eleanor, daughter Leslie {August 20, 2009)
Eleanor and Donald Biles
on the porch of their home in PA. They were married for 61 years.
   Their daughter Leslie recalls "Dad used to wake the three of us up for school by rapping on our doors and performing morning "Reveille".
    Whoever jumped out of bed first got the bathroom first!  He did that for years. 
   He also taught me how to do military corners when I made my bed as a kid. Still doing military corners today and have passed it on."

Listen to Reveille, courtesy of Virginia Tech band bugler
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