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Modern Era Photos of Men of The 508th

Chester B. McCoid
508th ARCT
Elzie B. McCullough
(Co H)
Cleveland W. McCorkel
(Co B & C)

Richard G. McCurdy
(Med Det) captured on D-Day, released in 1945 and didn't lose his shooting eye!

Lawrence McFadden
(1957) was a football coach in the local high school
Skip McGrath
widow of George McGrath, Co G. dances with grandson Mick at his sister's wedding, 31 Aug 2002.  Mick was a Captain in Special Forces
Frank E. McKee
(Co F)
Frank E. McKee
(2nd Bn)
Eugene A. McMillan
(Co A)
Harold J. and Lila McQuiston
(Co I)
[undated photo]
Edgar N. Meacham
(Hq 2nd, 1945)

Elmer and June Melchi - Then and Now
They were married in Nottingham on June 16, 1945 and revisited the church on March 2, 2004.
     Elmer met his wife June (nee Lloyd), of Radford, about 60 miles SSW of Nottingham) at the American Red Cross HQ in Nottingham's Albert Hall.
     Elmer, a member of Co G, jumped into Normandy and Holland where he was captured in Nijmegen on September 20, 1944.
    He recalls, "One night in one of the POW camps I was in, bombers flew over the camp heading for Berlin and Stettin.  The guards were distracted and I thought, this is my chance, but I didn't make it.  I was shot 4 times and I still have 3 bullets in me."
     The camp was ultimately liberated by the Russians.
   Elmer returned to England where he defied U.S. Army rules to marry June.  They have four sons, one of whom served three tours of Vietnam.

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