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Up SS (A - Can) SS (Ch - Fu) SS (Ga - Ku) SS (La - Po) SS (Pr - Sw) SS (Ta - Wi)

ChamberlinJohn R. Pfc. Co D 1944 82nd GO 36
ChipmanRoy Pvt. Co F 1944 82nd GO 44
Coleman Lavanda W Sgt Co C 1965 --- News
ColtrinWalter L. Pfc. Co H 1944 82nd GO 66
CombsRex G. 1/Lt. Co A 1945 82nd GO 72
CookMack G. 2/Lt. Co F 1944 82nd GO 44
CullingsGordon H. Pfc. Med Det 1945 82nd GO 46
DeLoachBryant C. Cpl. Co D 1944 82nd GO 34
     Amended 1944 82nd GO 41
Dobbs Thomas M. Cpl. Co A 1945 82nd GO 34
DobranskyJohn Pvt. Co F 1945 82nd GO 64
Eitelman Chick C T5 Hq 1st 1944 82nd GO-27
ElliottJohn T. S/Sgt. Co I 1945 82nd GO 46
EllisRobert H. Cpl. Hq Hq 1944 82nd GO 34
Epps Jones N. 1/Lt Co G/187th 1951 EUSAK GO-542
FirestineWalter Cpl. Co A 1945 82nd GO 22
FordClinton S. Pvt. Hq Hq? 1944 82nd GO 34
FitzpatrickLawrence G. Cpl. Hq 1st 1945 82nd GO 129
FunkLeonard A., Jr. 1st Sgt. Co C 1945 82nd GO 86

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