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Arkansas, 1943

A second letter implies that it may have been written in late 1842 or early 1943 as the regiment was about to enter jump school.

[courtesy of Chester Mott]]

I hope that Iíll have more time to write. Iím expecting some more tough training for about 6 wks and Iím going to try my best to get my wings. but their is a chance of me not making it, but Iím going to try my best. Mother so I havenít a chance to write so often please donít worry, the Army takes the best of care of their men. ďplease donít worryĒ. Tell Mary Iíll write later for I have quite a list of work to do. We have to keep ready to ship out any time. I wrote to Rupert but I havenít gotten an answer. It seems so hard for me to sit down and write a letter but maybe Itíll be a little easier once I havenít so much to do. Well Iíll close for now and be expecting to hear from you as soon as I hit the next camp. So Iíll close and remain

Your Soldier Boy