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England, 1944

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[courtesy of Chester Mott]]

May 19, 1944

Dear Mom,

Everything is still going just fine in the E.T.O. and I hope this letter fines the things at home the same. I received two of your letters yesterday. One was written on the 8th and the other the 10th. We have been getting very good mail service considering everything. So if you have anything to send donít be afraid of me not receiving them. I have received both of your packages. I thought I had told you in my other letters but you were asking about them again. They were very nice. Thanks a million. I think its a good idea of Mary to take you to Sharon on Memorial Day. You need a vacation. I do hope you go and have a very nice summer visit.

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I met a Red Cross girl from Erie, Pa today and we were talking about places in Sharon. Boy it really makes a fellow feel good to meet a person from around home. Especially a U.S. girl. Their very scarce around here. If Elmer Oaks stills lives were he did when I was their. I know where it is. I ran around with a kid from Nutwood. Its a pretty nice place. I havent received your cake as yet but Iím looking for it any time now. It usually takes 15 to 20 days for a package. Boy I can taste it now. Did I understand you to say Bobby George is married. I knew he wanted to but I had never heard that he did.

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I would of liked to of seen Bob Stauffer. It been a long time since Iíve seen it. It must been nigh on to 2 years. How is Lillian. I wrote to her just a short time ago. It must be some blow to her. When you write tell her I said hello and give her my best regards. Sheís sure a grand person.
   I find more every day that that saying in the Bible is very true. It goes something like this. your not to set your effections on things on earth but to things in heaven. The things you hope for most in everyday life seems to be nothing but disappointment. Iím sure Lillian must be that way to take things the way she does.
   My friend Arthur Fish of Los Angles, Calf. Is a very good Catholic boy. He lives as he

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sees the bible. Hes sure been a real friend to me and a kind of friend everyone should have.
   Iím glad to hear you had seen Kathleen. Iím very sorry she hadnít been receiving my letters but I was writing all along. You see she moved and the people didnít forward them so I got them all back. How is Aunt Gertie. I have received a few letters from her. Uncle Jim? Is he still working? Weill mom it seems Iím running out of news will close and Iíll be looking for those letters for now its so long.

          With love
          Your Son